S-L Marketing represents a select group of manufacturers for which we market a
complete range of tools, electronics, equipment and PBE (Paint-Body-Equipment) products.

Our sales force is a trained and technically oriented one. It is capable of doing the
demonstrations, instructions, and trouble shooting necessary to the moving and installation of equipment to the end-user.

The salesmen work solely for S-L Marketing Specialists and function as professional sales personnel only. We recognize the need for resident salesmen to service each territory effectively; thus personnel are placed in strategic locations to insure local representation.

S-L Marketing is the pre-eminent regional marketing specialists dedicated to our customers. We believe in continuing to grow the business for our manufacturers and customers by implementing new strategies. We exercise flexibility and speed in anticipating and adapting quickly to market changes and the needs of our customers.

We do this as a team and by working closely with our manufacturers, jobbers and a select group of distributors with a strong concentration of time at the user shop level. Our purpose is to create additional value for our factories and customers.

S-L Marketing brings to you an added value of service, sales support and a professional team.

For more information, please contact our main office at (973) 472-0382 or e-mail us at: sales@slmarketing.com